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FLAGS National Active Support Unit



We've been working with Scouts in Australia to share with them our experience of attending Pride in London. We've shared with them via a Skype Conference Call some of our learnings from the eight years we have been attending, as well as telling them about some of things we missed when we first started attending. We will maintain contact with the LGBT working group in Victoria, to share with them our experience as a Scout Active Support Unit, and also let them know some of the challenges we have faced over the years. This relationship is being managed by Vic.


We met the Rainbow Scouts of Austria at the Overture Diversity Network in April 2015. They are a great example of how LGBT young people can be supported in Scouting. They have done loads of work similar to FLAGS as well as taking their work a step forwards and securing public funding to produce an LGBT Toolkit for every Scout group in Austria. We will be working with them to help translate the toolkit into English so that it can be shared with more associations around the world. We will also be working with them to help us understand how we could support LGBT members in Scouting. This relationship is being managed by Vic.

Check out their YouTube Video Here.

Overture Diversity Network

In April 2015 we attended the Overture Diversity Network to share our experience of supporting LGBT adults in Scouting, as well as attending pride events across the UK. The event was a chance to build networks across Europe as well as learning from other associations. We will continue to be members of this network to help promote diversity within associations across Europe. As a group they have created a website with diversity resources from associations across Europe. This database will grow in size as more associations add their resources. We will also be sharing our resources with the associations. 

WOSM LGBT Round Table

In June 2015, we attended a round table with other organisations in WOSM to discuss the inclusion of LGBT volunteers throughout organisations. The workshop will look at some of the barriers and challenges of including LGBT volunteers at all levels of scouting organisations around Europe. 

15th World Scout MOOT 2017

In July 2017 some FLAGS members helped to organise and run the Rainbow Café at the 15th World Scout Moot in Iceland! The café was a huge success and allowed us to develop our bond with Rainbow Scouts Austria and Scouts in Australia as well as supporting Scouts from a range of other countries who are keen to set up something similar to FLAGS within their own organisations.