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FLAGS National Active Support Unit


All members are required to complete modules 1 and 7 as part of their Personal Development within Scouting.

All new members receive a Welcome Pack with details about these modules - if you haven't received this then please let the Membership Co-ordinator know.

Below are some links to support you in completing your training.

Module One - Essential Information

Module Seven - Scouting for All


As part of our annual membership renewal we would like to draw all members attention to the online safeguarding training.

The training supports The Scout Associations safeguarding policy, the Yellow Card, and supports all members with their ongoing training.

As a National SAS Unit, we would like ask all members take time to complete this over the next few weeks, unless you have recently completed face to face training.

If you have any questionsa bout training with the Unit, then please contact the Unit Manager.

Once you have completed the course, please print screen your score, and email Dan Horsfall membership@flagscouts.org.uk so that we can update your training record.

Here is a link to the training - http://members.scouts.org.uk/safeguardingonline