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Today an eight year old made me smile

8th January 2015

I am a Young Leader at a Cub Pack. Cubs is the section of Scouting in the UK for 8-10 year olds.
I’ve always been known as Aimee at Cubs but I guess as a boy with a girls name, until tonight. Tonight when I went I had my bow in my hair and my nails painted.

I overhead this conversation between an eight year old Cub and another Leader;

Cub: Is she a girl?
Leader: Yes,
Cub: Okay!

This cub then proceeded to use my correct pronouns for the night despite others around her still getting them wrong.

It truly is the smallest things that make the largest of differences, this girl is 8, she’s young and still learning every day, but today she showed she does know about respect.

Through the night I got many other questions about my Gender Identity but I had to remain on task but it did raise the idea of doing a night around Equalities and how despite our differences, we are still all human.

I am proud to say I scout, and I feel incredibly lucky to have amazing opportunities in Scouting.

Aimee, is 17 years old, a photographer and an Explorer Scout

I saw this online this morning, and it was beautiful - thought I would share it with you all - Rob :-)

Author: Rob Vaines


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