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8th August 2014

FLAGS+ feedback

Today I opened my inbox to find the recent FLAGS (Fellowship of Lesbian and Gay Scouters) update about the continuing problems in America about being Gay and a Member of the Boy Scouts of America and it set me thinking about a few things and also made me re read the original handbook 'Scouting for Boys' Baden Powel NEVER excluded any boy from the movement. The first Scout Camp was Boy’s from all walks of life no that of the Upper and Middle Classes. Scouting crossed ALL groups.

We need to remember that Scouting was founded as an inclusive organisation to bring boys together from all walks of life and back grounds. BP himself saw the potential in Girls wanting to become Scouts instead of just turning his back and saying go away! He and his wife founded the Girl Guides.

There is too much strife and inequality in the world which we as Scouts are told to love our fellow man through the scout law:-

1) A Scout is to be trusted.
2) A Scout is loyal.
3) A Scout is friendly and considerate.
4) A Scout belongs to the worldwide family of Scouts.
5) A Scout has courage in all difficulties.
6) A Scout makes good use of time and is careful of possessions and property.
7) A Scout has self-respect and respect for others.

By ignoring any one of these key laws we fail as Scouts.

We all joined a movement of over 28 Million members who all wear the World Scout Membership Badge who’s symbols have not changed in over 100 years through this badge we ARE ALL Equal!

The Encircling rope = Symbolises the unity and family of the World Scout Movement
The Bond = Showing the family of Scouting
The reef knot = which can’t be undone no matter how hard it is pulled, it is symbolic of the strength of world Scouting’s unity and family.
The two five pointed stars = stand for truth and knowledge.
The Fleur de lys = 1) To God 2) Service to Others 3) Obedience to the Scout law

We are all together as one! WE ARE SCOUTS! We should fight for a greater equality for our American
Scouters who should not be persecuted because of who they are.

From Baden Powel’s “Scouting for Boys”:-

The co-operation of tiny sea insects has brought about the formation of coral islands. No
enterprise is too big where there is goodwill and co-operation in carrying it out. Every day we
are turning away boys anxious to join the Movement, because we have not the men or women to
take them in hand. There is a vast reserve of loyal patriotism and Christian spirit lying dormant
in our nation to-day, mainly because it sees no direct opportunity for expressing itself. Here in
this joyous brotherhood there is vast opportunity open to all in a happy work that shows results under your hands and a work that is worthwhile because it gives every man his chance of service for his fellow-men and for God.

Old Socrates spoke truly when he said, “No man goeth about a more godly purpose than he who is mindful of the right upbringing not only of his own, but of other men’s children.”

SUBMITTED: Dean Chapman - Bristol

Author: Rob Vaines


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