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Shop Update 12th September 2017

12th September 2017

Shop Update 12th September 2017:

All orders that can be fulfilled have been shipped today and we have a limited number of neckers in stock with more on the way.

If you have ordered Unit Badges, Name Tapes or Scout Pride 2017 badges as part of your order then we have part shipped your order with the packing slip marked "TO FOLLOW" on those items that are out of stock.  The out of stock items will be shipped separately when they are available - you do not need to pay any additional postage charges.  Please note that where we have shipped a part order your PayPal order status will have gone to a status of "Sent" as they do not have the ability to show part shipments.

Badges are on order and should be in shortly (Unit Badges within the next week, Scout Pride badges within 3 weeks currently).

All outstanding clothing orders placed before 17th August have been fulfilled and shipped (or delivered in person at Reunion).  Any orders placed after this date are currently in production with our supplier - a delivery date is not yet confirmed.

Apologies to anyone currently waiting to receive an order - for any status updates or direct queries about your order please email Rob at manager@flagscouts.org.uk