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FLAGS National Active Support Unit

Camp Abercorn

14th July 2014

Camp Abercorn

Below is an email from an American Eagle Scout, Jeffrey Simon, and links to an amazing project that he is involved in.

FLAGS is fully committed to supporting the work of this project, and supporting our Brothers in the USA, in the move forward for equality - FLAGS will share with it's members, news about this project as it happens and we look to forge links and show our continued support with 'Scouts for Equality' https://www.facebook.com/ScoutsForEquality


I’m writing to you as a young adult American Eagle Scout who’s unwelcome in the BSA because of my sexual orientation.

There are many smart people working for change. Grassroots movements like Scouts for Equality and their allies have and are still working hard over here and I commend them.

Boycotts and activism can go far to change policy, but no amount of lecturing can change people. What can change people are stories. What can change hearts and minds are stories.

Yesterday, I launched a crowdfunding campaign for a new TV Series, Camp Abercorn, about working camp staff.

One of the most rewarding parts of my three summers serving on camp staff was being able to give back to the next generation of scouts.

Through Camp Abercorn I hope to inspire a new generation to take interest in scouting, remind veteran scouts and scouters how special camp is, and prove how the Boy Scouts can remain relevant in a modern America.

I worked in London on an artists Visa for a year last year. The scout pride movement in the UK is absolutely inspiring.

My team and I are trying to spread the word about our campaign. If you can help in any way, or simply share some advice, it would be appreciated.

Please have a look at our crowdfunding campaign:

And a Huffington Post article written about the show: