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Pascal Tessier - NO LONGER WELCOME

7th August 2014

Pascal Tessier - NO LONGER WELCOME

One of the BSA's first openly gay Eagle Scouts, Pascal Tessier, just turned 18, and is no longer eligible to participate in the program. On his birthday, he wrote a letter to the BSA's president, Robert Gates.

"Openly gay adults will eventually be allowed in Scouting, Mr. Gates. As support for equality continues to grow, Americans will soon demand it. The question before you, then, is not whether the ban should end, but how many more young people like me will be a victim of your failed leadership if you do nothing."

Read the full piece: http://time.com/3080380/an-open-letter-to-robert-gates-the-boy-scouts-need-to-accept-gay-adults/

Join Scouts for Equality's movement to build a fully inclusive BSA:http://scoutsforequality.com/